FAQ’s – the short list of answers!

Rental Terms & Conditions

Rentals are on a first come first served basis.

Orders can be placed over the phone, by email or in person in our showroom.
Rentals are reserved only when a worksheet is started and a deposit is paid/received.

Final Adjustments and qty changes required 3 weeks prior to your rental date.
All rentals are paid-in-full 10 days prior to the rental.
Payments can be made at any time towards the rentals. A revised worksheet will be emailed with the remaining balance showing.
Delivery personnel do not carry change or handle payments.

Our standard rental period is one day.  Any rental items kept for longer than the specified rental period will be charged according to the rental schedule. All rentals are subject to applicable taxes.

All returns are due back between 9 a.m. and 12 noon the day after the event.
Weekend rentals are due Monday.  Where Monday is a holiday the rentals are still due back . We are closed on Sunday.
Rentals not returned by noon Monday will have a $75.00 late fee charged.

All rentals are FOB our location at Clinton, Ontario. Delivery/Pickup and/or set-up of your rental item(s) is not included in the rental prices and can be quoted upon request.  Deliveries will be made the day prior to the rental period, earlier in some cases.
Pickup/Returns will be the day after the event.

All dinnerware and cutlery must be returned rinsed and free of all food or liquid. A $75 cleaning charge applies otherwise. Please return all dinnerware, cutlery and glassware in it’s original container. If a Damage Waiver is declined, breakage (including chips, cracks or shortages) and damage to linen will be charged to the customer at our replacement cost.  A charge will be made for boxes not returned. Our count of the items must be accepted as the final count.

Damage Waiver is damage coverage. 
The 7% Damage Waiver is available to cover accidents, breakage, rips, tears, cracks, chips, typical ordinary wear and tear.
The damage waiver amount is based on the value of the rentals ordered, when paid, covers you for typical damages to rentals.
There is no deductible.
The Damage waiver is non-refundable.

The Damage Waiver does not cover:
*Stolen, lost or missing rental equipment – you are responsible for equipment while in your possession.
*Misuse or abuse of equipment – using a item for another purpose causing damage
*Gross Customer negligence – leaving rental equipment in the rain, sparkler damage to linen.
*Damage incurred by a third party

The damage waiver is meant to cover damages, not items not returned.

The Renter has the right to decline the Damage Waiver and
NJS Design Event & Party Rentals has the right to decline to offer the Damage Waiver.

¨ We also reserve the right to ask for a credit card to be on file  per rental contract if the Damage Waiver is declined.

¨ Final Qty adjustments to a worksheet required 3 weeks prior to rental date.



FAQ’s Linen

“Do I have to wash the linens after we use them?”
Of course not! The rental price includes laundering and pressing.  Just shake them out and put them in the laundry bags we
provide.  We’ll take it from there.

“How will they be packaged when I receive them?”
All linens will be pressed, folded and wrapped in protective plastic.

“Am I responsible for food stains?”
Generally, no.  Nearly all common food stains (coffee, wine, punch, gravy, meat sauce stain, alcohol and chocolate, etc.) can be removed during the linen processing.  If an “accident happens” with a cup of coffee or red wine, or if the spaghetti sauce gets a little out of hand. Don’t worry about it.  We’ve just about seen it all.

“What am I responsible for?”
You are held responsible for linens returned with excessive amounts of food attached to them,  candle wax, handwriting from ink pens or markers, etc., burns, mildew, and excessive “ground in” dirt. (Usually a result of using the table linen as a “mop” to clean up after the party.)
Sparklers are beautiful and festive – however they cause volumes of damage in a split second to table linen and runners.  Keep the used hot Sparklers outside and away from your table linen and rentals.
We wish all our rentals returned with no damages, and the majority usually do…….

If an item is not returned  it will be billed at the replacement cost. The damage waiver is meant to cover damages, not items not returned.

Responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from time of delivery/pickup to time of return. Please be sure equipment is secure when not in use and protected from the weather. There will be additional charges for weather damaged items including boxes.


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