Frequently Asked Questions

Rescheduling due to COVID19

COVID19 notes:  (the new normal)

Down the road if you need to reschedule your event to a later date that is absolutely fine.

Rest assured your reservation fee will be honoured – you will not forfeit your reservation fee or incur any administration chargers if you need to change dates.

We will just move the reservation fee along with the new worksheet for the new event date.

Please note if you choose to cancel the rentals/worksheet and not reschedule, the reservation fee is non refundable, non transferable.

Why Rent From Us

We own all our inventory, are passionate about it’s quality, and we take pride in our reputation as a reliable, honest, integrity based special events company.

How do your bookings work?

  • All rentals are on a first come, first book basis.
  • Rental Contracts can be started up to 24 months in advance, or you can rent items the week of your event if the items are available.
  • Rentals are booked when the Reservation Fee is received/paid.
  • Reservation Fee is non-refundable, non-transferable
  • Orders can be placed via phone, email or in person at our showroom. We encourage you to make an appointment to visit the showroom and discuss your vision in person.
  • All rentals are subject to applicable taxes.
  • Final adjustments to your worksheet are due 3 weeks before your event. Your date for final adjustments will be listed on your rental contract.

Do you require a payment to reserve inventory?

We require a 25% reservation fee and a signed rental contract to secure rental inventory for your event date. 

We Accept:
Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Interac and etransfers
Etransfer payments :

Reservation Fee is non-refundable, non transferable

Can you make changes to your order once the reservation fee is made?

For sure you can make changes to a rental contract once the deposit has been paid.
Final adjustments to your rental contract are due 3 weeks prior to your event date.
Your final adjustment date will be on listed on your rental contract.
It is recommended that adjustments be made to your rental contract as soon as you know you want to make changes.
All changes are subject to availability.


What is your cancellation policy?

When a rental contract is created the inventory items are reserved for your event date, The items are therefor not available for other clients to book.
Complete Order cancellation happens from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances. Depending on the time between the cancellation and event date, part or all of the total rental amount will be owing.
Reservation Fee is non-refundable, non transferable

What happens if items are damaged or broken?

Damage Waiver is damage coverage.
The 9% Damage Waiver is available to cover accidents, breakage, rips, tears, cracks, chips, typical ordinary wear and tear. The damage waiver amount is based on the value of the rentals ordered, when paid, covers you for typical damages to rentals. There is no deductible.
The Damage waiver is non-refundable.
The Damage Waiver does not cover:
*Stolen, lost or missing rental equipment – you are responsible for equipment while in your possession. *Misuse or abuse of equipment – using a item for another purpose causing damage *Gross Customer negligence – leaving rental equipment in the rain, sparkler damage to linen.*Damage incurred by a third party.
The damage waiver is meant to cover damages, not items not missing upon return.
The Renter has the right to decline the Damage Waiver and NJS Design Event & Party Rentals has the right to decline to offer the Damage Waiver.
We also reserve the right to ask for a credit card to be on file per rental contract if the Damage Waiver is declined.
You can opt to carry your own insurance coverage – just be aware that the deductible will likely be more that our damage waiver should you need to use your coverage.

What is your rental period?

Our standard rental period is one day. Any rental items kept for longer than the specified rental period will be charged according to the rental schedule.
All returns are due back between 9 am and 10 am the day following the event. Weekend rentals are due Monday. Where Monday is a holiday please inquire regarding return date/time. Rentals not returned by noon Monday will have a late fee charged.
All glassware, dinnerware and cutlery must be returned scraped/empty and free of all food or liquid. $75 cleaning charge applies otherwise. Please return all dinnerware, cutlery and glassware in it’s original container. A charge will be made for boxes/crates not returned. Our count of the items must be accepted as the final count.

Do you deliver and pickup rentals?

To maintain the lowest possible rental price on our products, NJS does not include delivery and pickup costs in the rental price.

Yes we do offer a Delivery and Pickup service as well as a Setup and Tear down service and are all subject to availability based on the event date and event location.  If you need these services you are encouraged to book early.

Let us know your delivery location, delivery and pickup times, we will create a quote for you.

Deliveries will be made the day prior to the rental period, earlier in some cases. Pickup will be the day after the event.

Most rentals are also available for pickup and return to our warehouse in Clinton. Ask about trailer and space requirements when you create your rental quote/contract.

What are my payment options?

All rentals are paid for 10 days prior to the rental.

Payments towards the rentals can be made in advance of the rental date.

Delivery personnel do not carry change or handle payments.

All rentals are subject to applicable taxes.

We Accept:
Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Interac and etransfers
Etransfer payments :

Do you offer design consultations?

Yes, we love to help our clients plan the rentals for events of all sizes. Call the office to make a private consult appointment. We will help you design your dream event, helping choose your linens, dishes, cutlery, and decor to create your dream event


Do we need to clean or launder the rental items before return?

Glassware, dishes and flatware need to returned to us free of food and debris. They also need to be returned in the boxes/ crates that they arrived in.
A $75 cleaning fee will be charged on these items if they are returned dirty.
Linens should not be washed or laundered by the client. Please remove them from the table and shake out debris (confetti, rose petals, food) before returning them.
Please use red bags provided to store/return linen in.
Clients will be charged for any mildew on linens stored in plastic bags.


Showroom Hours

Rental Returns 9-10 am
Tuesday  9am-1pm
Thursday 9am-1pm
Friday 9am-1pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Our Showroom and Design Team are available by appointment Tuesday to Friday and Saturday Mornings

Drop us an email
or Call 519-482-5184 to book your appointment.


84 Devon Street
PO Box 1906

Clinton, Ontario
Canada N0M 1L0

Phone: (519) 482-5184
Fax: (519) 482-5472

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