1. Quotes do not guarantee availability of rental equipment.
  2. A signed Rental Contract (worksheet) and non-refundable, non-transferrable reservation fee are required to confirm all rental orders. Confirmation copy will be forwarded to client following receipt of signed agreement and non-refundable reservation fee.
  3. Final adjustments to the Rental Contract (worksheet) are due 3 weeks prior to rental date. Balance is due 10 days ahead of event date. Mastercard, Visa, etransfer and interact (in person) are accepted.
  4. All NSF cheques will be charged at $35.00. Outstanding account will be charged 2% per month. Prices quoted are cash prices, all pricing is HST and Damage Waiver applicable.
  5. A fuel surcharge may apply due to uncontrolled rising fuel cost.
  6. Customer agrees to obtain all necessary permits at their expense (if required) before installation of equipment.
  7. Where installation of rental items is required including but not limited to event décor, NJS Design Event & Party Rentals will install/setup rental items according to NJS Design Event & Party Rentals safety policy and procedures.
  8. By accepting delivery of rented items, customer agrees to all terms and conditions shown on this rental contract, Customer acknowledges that s/he has received in good order all rental items and other goods listed on the contract. Customer agrees to make available for pickup and/or return items at the prearranged time.
  9. Customer assumes full responsibility for all rented items, including their safe and proper use, operation, maintenance, storage and return to NJS Design Event & Party Rentals. Damage waiver provides protection for the client against accidental breakage/damages to rental equipment while under their care, custody and control. Damage Waiver does not cover loss or damage of equipment due to negligence or vandalism, including but not limited to, disappearance. All necessary repair and/or replacement of equipment shall be billed to the customer. NJS Design Event & Party Rentals shall be notified of any damages to equipment within 12 hours of occurrence.
  10. Damage Waiver is damage coverage. The 9% Damage Waiver is available to cover accidents, breakage, rips, tears, cracks, chips, typical ordinary wear and tear. There is no deductible. The Damage waiver is non-refundable.
    The Damage Waiver does not cover:
    • Stolen, lost or missing rental equipment – you are responsible for equipment while in your possession. *Misuse or abuse of equipment – using a item for another purpose causing damage *Gross Customer negligence – leaving rental equipment in the rain, sparkler damage to linen. *Damage incurred by a third party
    • The damage waiver is meant to cover damages, not items not returned.
    • The Renter has the right to decline the Damage Waiver and
    • NJS Design Event & Party Rentals has the right to decline to offer the Damage Waiver.
    * We also reserve the right to ask for a credit card to have on file per rental contract if the Damage Waiver is declined.
  11. The ability to execute this Rental Contract (worksheet) by either party is subject to Force majeure. In the event of such an occurrence, including but not limited to hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, fires, etc., as well as any government intervention, civil disorders, terrorism, pandemic or other emergencies. NJS Design Event & Party Rentals will make every effort to reschedule this Rental Contract (worksheet) with the customer.
  12. Pandemic/Government Intervention – Should the Rental Contract (worksheet) need to be rescheduled to a later date -your reservation fee will be honoured - you will not forfeit your reservation fee or incur any administration chargers if you need to change dates. The reservation fee will move along with the Rental Contract (worksheet) for the new event date. If you choose to cancel the rentals/worksheet and not reschedule, the reservation fee is non-refundable, non-transferable.
  13. Operators shall read and adhere to all warning and instructions (safety instructions).
  14. If there is any failure in the equipment where the equipment cannot be fully and safely used, and if the said failure is due to negligence or vandalism or by Force majeure - by an act of God - NJS Design Event & Party Rentals shall not be responsible for any loss of revenue incurred by second and third parties arising from such failure.
  15. If customer fails to return all rented items at agreed upon time, customer agrees to pay for all additional charges. If Customer refuses to return rented items or make rental items available for pickup, the customer agrees that NJS Design Event & Party Rentals may take all reasonable actions necessary to recover rented items without prior notice or legal process.
  16. In the event that it is necessary to employ a lawyer to recover the equipment, collect unpaid rent, or cost of damaged property, the Customer shall reimburse NJS Design Event & Party Rentals for all legal costs.
  17. No alteration of any kind to this contract shall be binding upon NJS Design Event & Party Rentals unless authorized by NJS Design Event & Party Rentals in writing.
  18. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario. The parties hereto attorn and submit to the laws of the province of Ontario.
  19. By signing this contract, I agree I have read this agreement, understand it and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions and understand that my reservation fee is non-refundable, non-transferable.

REV 01/10/2021