Table Skirting

NJS offers a wide variety of colours in their table skirting selection.  All skirting is designed to cover to the floor on a standard table (30″) and cover 3 sides of an 8ft banquet table. All skirting attaches to the table front with a velcro table skirting clip.

Table Skirting Pricing

Basic Gathered   $27.00
Sheer/Pattern/Sequin/Satin Roses/Lamour Satin  $35.00
Pickup (satin)   $55.00

Also available is Bar height skirting 45″ – used for the serpentine bar.
Available in basic shirred skirting, sheer and satin pickup skirting.

Showroom Hours

Rental Returns 9-10 am
Tuesday  9am-1pm
Thursday 9am-1pm
Friday 9am-1pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Showroom Visits/Consults by Appointment only



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