Linen Sizing Chart

We are asked on a regular basis about table cloth sizes and what linen fits each size of table. So we came up with this chart to simplify the process!  Please remember not all linen colours/textures come in all sizes.  We are as close as the phone to help you choose the correct linen for your next event.



  Standard Table Size
Cloth Size 6ftx30inch Rectangular

seats 6

8ftx30inch Rectangular

seats 8

30inch Round 


32inch Round 42inch Tall


4ft Round
Seats 4
Seats 8
Seats 10
54″x54″ These table covers make great overlays and add a splash of colour     Small overhang Square on top  
60″ x 120″ 12″F 21″S 12″F 9″S  


80″X 80″
or 90″ RD
    Floor Length 25″ 16″ 10″
90×156   Floor Length     
120″ Round       Floor
Floor Length 24″
(6″from floor)


Standard tables are approximately 30 inches tall.  Take the overhang length and subtract it from the table height (Table to Ground) and you have the distance from the ground to the table cloth or how much leg is showing.

When measuring your own tables for cloths find the 3 measurements that will
help you and us get the right table cloth for your event.

120″ rd  w/72×72 overlay

Changing the overhang length changes the look.

To achieve a more formal or elegant look go with longer or floor length table covers. When having an outdoor event look for floor length table covers that cover all four sides of a table. Then guests can walk around the yard and not see unsightly table legs and rental crates.

Don’t be afraid to use floor length covers outside.


Helpful information for choosing linen sizes

Normally, most ” folding leg” tables (round or rectangular) are 30 inches high. Standard Rectangular banquet tables are usually 30 inches wide.

Table Size Linen recommendation

  • 36″ round table (seats 2-4) use 80″ sq or 90″ rd both floor length
  • 48″ round table (seats six guests comfortably) use 80″ sq or 90″ rd for chair height overhang, 60″ round table (seats 8 comfortably or 6 if serving country style dinner) use 90″ rd for chair height overhang, 120″ to the floor
  • 72″ round table (seats 10 comfortably or 8 if serving country style dinner) use 90″ rd for chair height overhang, 120″ for a 24″ drop to the floor
  • 6′ banquet table ( seats 6 ) use standard banquet cloth (60×120) for chair height overhang  90×156 for floor length
  • 8′ banquet table ( seats 8 ) use standard banquet cloth (60×120) for chair height overhang  90×156 for floor length


Our fresh linen inventory and modern linen processing facility allow us to service your last-minute requests. We offer Canada wide rentals for linens, overlays and chair covers to anywhere in Canada that a courier would deliver. Shipping is in addition to the rental costs. Currently we do not service rentals into the United States due to brokerage and duty restrictions.

We strive to offer you with the best selection at an affordable price. To keep our inventory fresh and keep up with the trends, we update our inventory on a regular basis. We are crazy passionate about our linen and are always on the hunt for affordable “drop dead gorgeous” new linen.

We believe that linen is one the most important factors, if not the most important factor, in creating a memorable event. Linen can transform a plain room into a room with WOW factor!

  • 145 Colours Available in Napkins
  • 56 Colours available in Table Linen
  • 30 colours Available in Specialty Overlays and Runners


#1 Reason to rent your linens from NJS?

We own all our own inventory, we are crazy passionate about the quality of our rental inventory, especially our linens and most importantly we take pride in our reputation as a reliable, honest, integrity based special events company.

frequently asked questions

“Do I have to wash the tablecloths after we use them?”
Of course not. The rental price includes laundering and pressing. Just shake them out and put them in the laundry bags we provided. We’ll take it from there.

“How will they be packaged when I receive them?”
All of the linens will be covered with protective plastic. Table cloths will arrive on hangers with protective plastic (which you return them to after use). Napkins will come folded in half and wrapped.

“Am I responsible for food stains?”
Generally, No. Nearly all common food stains (coffee, wine, punch, gravy, meat sauce stains, chocolate, etc., are easily removed during our linen processing.
If an “accident happens” with a cup of coffee or the red wine, or if the spaghetti sauce gets a little out of hand, don’t worry about it. We’ve seen it all.

“What am I responsible for?”
You are held responsible for linens returned with excessive amounts of food attached to them, candle wax, handwriting from ink pens or markers, etc., burns, mildew, and excessive “ground in” dirt. (Usually a result of using the table linen as a “mop” to clean up after the party .) We wish all our rentals return with no damages. We offer a damage waiver that you can purchase to cover any damages. The damage waiver coverage does not cover items that are not returned.

Where can I purchase these?
From us. We are more than a party rental company. We sell tablecloths, linens, and napkins all year long.

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